Composition et structure de la ripisylve dans les casiers Girardons du vieux Rhône

Début 2014

Fin 2015

Numéro de l'action C40

Thème Flux - Formes - Habitats - Biocénoses (FFHB)

Site OHM Vallée du Rhône

The Rhône River was heavily channelized in the 19th century for navigation and dammed in many places since the 1950 ’s , with major reductions in peak f lows and channel mobility. W e conducted extensive forest inventories and sampled f ine sediment depth in regulated reaches within the r iparian zone of the old Rhône , and compared pre- versus post- dam forest development and linked patterns of f loodplain development. The pre- versus post- dam surfaces at each site had distinct geomorphic and f loristic characteristics. There was very lit t le post – dam recruitment of poplar and willow, which are pioneer species that rely on dynamic geomorphic conditions. Post- dam f loodplains supported vigorous recruitment by Acer negundo ( box elder), which is non- native and invasive in Europe.

Projet de recherche Zabr

Soutien : Labex DRIIHM

Coordination : John Stella

Équipe pilote : UMR 5600 EVS

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