Impacts of climatic variability and anthropogenic impacts on riparian hydrology and forest dynamics: Evidence from isotopes and tree rings in the Rhône corridor. Preliminary research on the reach of Pierre Bénite, downstream of Lyon

Début 2012

Fin 2017

Numéro de l'action C26

Thème Flux - Formes - Habitats - Biocénoses (FFHB)

Site OHM Vallée du Rhône

This project spotlights climate change’s hydrological expression within the terrestrial biosphere, especially in Mediterranean climates, where forests are sensitive to water stress. Our proposed investigation will create a world-class dataset with potential to transform research disciplines of ecohydrology and isotope dendrochronology. We will use these to develop new, robust understanding of the dynamics of water partitioning, tree water use, and forest growth and health in response to climatic fluctuations and trends that affect water availability in river floodplains.

Projet de recherche Zabr

Soutien : Labex DRIIHM

Coordination : Michael Singer

Équipe pilote : University of St Andrews

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